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Gestalt Intervention Framework Book

Gestalt Intervention Framework Book



The book consists of 520 pages and is printed in a comfortable letter size.  This book on intervention in Play Therapy provides a framework for the play practitioner, designed in sixteen chapters focussing on 16 themes.

A support for the practitioner and skill to validate the child as the architect of their own life. The practitioner will be able to make use of the book as a reference in doing intervention and to provide a fresh new way in approaching children with their needs, on their level, without having an agenda. There are focal points, exercises and case studies to equip the practitioner with a framework, skills and awareness. It aims to assist the practitioner to manage their professional role as play practitioner, and work with the child in need with controlled self-knowledge and confidence.

The comfortable style and many examples provide easy associability to the intermediary and advanced student working with the child in a professional way. Although not a necessity for better integration, the reader will benefit to do the short courses, level one two and three of the Centre for play Therapy and training. This book underpins the framework step by step and offers extremely valuable support for the practitioner. The grounded Gestalt philosophy is integrated with the structure to give the reader theoretical based material.

Key Features:

  • Assessable and student friendly presentation of theory and practice integration
  • Examples in real situations and relevant to an international audience
  • The provision of a relaxed, non-static framework applicable to the users process of doing
  • To use this book as a reference guide in working with children.
  • Opportunity to have self-growth and introspection.

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New online Play Therapy courses

The Centre for Play Therapy and Training has launched online courses which cover the same topics as the physical classes – Play Therapy 1 and Play Therapy 2 – which are held in venues all over South Africa.

When registering and paying for both online courses – Gestalt Intervention Level 1 and Gestalt Intervention Level 2 you will be entitled to receive a complimentary copy of the book. The book will be posted to you immediately after you have registered and we have received your payment. You then save R649. You will need to have the book for Level 2.

Note that Course members outside South Africa will received a complimentary pdf copy of the book and not the physical book.

Persons who do not want to continue with Level 2 within 2 months, but choose to purchase the book, in hard copy or pdf, will be able to do so. The cost is R500 for pdf or R550 + R99 postal fees for the hard copy.

Download the order form for the pdf e-book as well as the hardcopy here.

The book can be posted to any PostNet branch in the country.

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