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Online Courses

Online Courses Play Therapy Level 1 & 2


You can now do both the Level 1 and 2 courses online in the privacy of your own space via internet. You will need to have an internet connection and data to follow the course. You will save time, transport and traveling expenses as well as accommodation costs. Training hours of your choice in the privacy of your office or home.

The courses should be done at a pace of at least 6 hours per week with a total of 24 hours over 4 weeks. You are given one calendar month per course to complete each course. Thus for Level 1 and 2 you will get two calendar months to complete. If course members did not succeed in completing in the set time, they may request an extension. However, a penalty of R50.00 per course that needs to be re-opened, will be charged.

The courses are developed and presented by Dr. Hannie Schoeman.

Topics covered during the Courses:

The same topics will be covered as explained in the material on the website for the physical classes. See more information on our website about Play Therapy Level 1 and Play Therapy Level 2 physical courses. There is no difference between the physical course and the online course except that you will need to do the exercises with yourself and not with a colleague. The course member will be guided in what to do.

Who can Register for the Courses?

  • Those belonging to a profession in the humanities like psychologists, social workers, OT, teachers in remedial classes, child counsellors and youth workers are very welcome to apply for the course. The course is suitable for all mental health professionals.
  • Applicant who are registered with a professional board must include their professional board number on the Registration form.
  • If uncertain please contact us.

Practical implementation:

You can now do Level 1 and 2 courses in the privacy of their own space via internet. You will need to have an internet connection and data to follow the course. Preferably use a computer, but the course will also be accessible on a phone or tablet. You will be able to choose your own pace and tempo and do the different sections in the time frame that you have available. You should do the course according to the structure in the given sequence. For example start with Level 1 with the Introduction, then Lesson 1, 2, 3, etc. completing the whole course.

Make sure that you have enough undisturbed time available to complete the section that you started with. When applicable there will be exercises that need to be done by you. We suggest that you do the exercise that belong to the lesson before proceeding to the next lesson. You will have four weeks to complete each course. When more time is needed, a R50.00 penalty per course will be payable.

Have a notebook at hand, where you can do your exercises, a pen, colouring pencils or crayons, clay and miniatures. A sand tray will also benefit your collection. Buy a cat litter box as sand tray, put some sterilized sand or maize meal in your sand box. An old oven pan will also work.

How to Apply:

  1. Download the Registration form – download PDF
  2. Email the completed form to admin@gestaltplaytherapy.co.za
  3. Your application will be reviewed and we will email you further instructions.
  •  After completion of Level 1, candidates can immediately continue with Level 2.
  • When registering and paying for both courses you will be entitled to receive a complimentary PDF format copy of the book. If you prefer a hard copy you will need to include R99.00 postal fees for the book. Take note that you can choose between a hard copy and postal costs and a PDF copy. The book will be posted to you immediately after registering and receipt of payment. You then save R649. You will need to have the book for Level 2.
  • Note that Course members outside South Africa will received a complimentary PDF copy of the book and not the physical book.
  • Persons who do not want to continue with Level 2, but choose to purchase the book, in hard copy or PDF, will be able to do so. The cost is R500 for PDF. Download the order form for the pdf e-book as well as the hardcopy here. The book consists of 520 pages.

The physical courses and the online courses are the same price. The Level 1 course is R2400 and the Level 2 course is R2400.

Completing the Course and Certificate

  • The duration of Level 1 is 24 hours.
  • The duration of Level 2 is 24 hours.
  • After each course there are 4 evaluation forms for Level 1, and 3 evaluation forms for Level 2 that must be emailed back to us. After completion, the assignments for Level 1 and Level 2 must also be emailed. The assignments are not given a mark, but are evaluated. After being evaluated, your certificate or certificates will be sent to by email in PDF format. If applicable, both certificates will be sent together when both courses are completed.
  • Course members who are registered with a professional board will receive a certificate indicating the CPD credits earned. These professionals need to successfully complete all lessons, evaluation forms and assignments to receive the certificate.
  • Practitioners who are not registered with a board also need to complete all the lessons, do the evaluations and assignments. They will receive a certificate with the hours and the indication that they have met the requirements for the course.
  • You are given one month to complete each course and send the evaluation forms to us. After one month per course, you may request an extension, but there will be a penalty of R50.00 per course to re-open the course again.
  • With every course there will be a PDF study guide, which can be downloaded.
  • Both courses are accredited with SACSSP (Level 1, 23 CPD credits and Level 2, 29 CPD credits) and the HPCSA (Level 1 and Level 2) awaiting results.

Please feel free to just register for Level 1 and, whenever you are ready, for Level 2. Just keep in mind that the offer of the complimentary book is only valid if you register and pay for both courses together. The book will be sent after payment has been received by our office for both courses.

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