Online Course User Guide


Welcome to the Centre for Play Therapy and Training Online Course.
This guide applies to the Play Intervention Level 1 and Level 2 Online Courses.


Dr Hannie Schoeman will review your application and if successful, you will be added to the program. You will receive an email when successful. This email contains important information and should be kept in a safe place. It contains your login details and important information about the course requirements.

This guide is also available as a PDF. You can download it here.


STEP 1 : Follow the link in the email to use the username and set your password. In the email – look for the link with “Use the username above and set your password”.


STEP 2 : Click on Get New Password

Get your new password

STEP 3 : You will receive an email to confirm your details. Check your email and click the link in it to (re)set your password.

STEP 4 : Make a note of the password and click Save Password.


STEP 5 : You can now login to begin your course! Enter your username (from the first email) and saved password FROM STEP 4 and click Log in.

Do not be alarmed if you see “No Course available!”. This is simply because you have not started yet.
Remember that the two months you have for each course starts when you start the course. We will show you how below.


STEP 1 : After logging in, on Your profile page click on Orders


STEP 2 : Then click on your order number or on View

STEP 3 : Click on the course name you would like to start eg Gestalt Intervention Level 1

This is the Course landing page. Look for the yellow block Start Now on the right or bottom of the page depending on your device. Click Start Now to begin your course and begin your two months allocated time.


Watch the video welcome message from Dr Hannie Schoeman and then download the STUDY GUIDE for your level. It will be helpful to print the Study Guide.

Click Complete once you have watched the video and downloaded the STUDY GUIDE. You will move to the next lesson (Lesson 1: The development of a child (Part 1).

Continue with the lessons, clicking Complete each time to move to the next lesson. You will be able to re-watch any lesson, even after completing it during the entire two months of the course.

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