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Dr. Hannie Schoeman

Dr Hannie SchoemanDr. Hannie Schoeman is for 25 years involved in training in Play Therapy. She lectured at the University of Pretoria, Unisa and North West University and attended national and international training in Gestalt Play Therapy in the USA, Canada and UK. On invitation she presented play therapy training various times in the UK and Namibia.

She is married to Boet since 1966 and they have three daughters. She is a keen gardener and specialises in home products like quince liqueur and jelly. She is also a full blast academic and keen on reading and studying books in human development, psychology, Gestalt and Play Therapy.

Dr. Boet Schoeman

Dr. Boet is actively involved since the founding of the Centre for Play Therapy and Training and supporting Hannie. He lectured at the old RAU and University of Pretoria for many years. He was the Director-General of the Department of Welfare and Population Development.

In 2000 they established Uylenvlei Retreat near Gansbaai where they at present reside and is still developing the Retreat. He is involved in various community development programmes in the Overberg.

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