Play Therapy Level 1


Play Therapy Level 1

Course duration: Day course 4 days / Evening course 5 days (24 hours)
Course cost: R 2600.00
CPD Points for Level 1 : 24
Approval date: 19 March 2024 to 19 March 2025
Approval number: 102/2024

Course content:

Day 1

Contact making with regards to all developmental phases and practical exercises.
Sensory contact making.
Relationship building.
Contact making and handling aggression and lost considering developmental phases, sensory modalities and stabilising a relationship.

Day 2

Philosophy and Gestalt approach.
Practical play therapy exercises.
Contact making with own process.
Application of the Rosebush technique with consideration of pre knowledge.
Forms of play.

Day 3

Dramatised play. Application of different mediums.
Biblio play. Application of different mediums.
Creative play.
Clay as application of creative play.

Day 4

Dream technique as application of all forms of play.
Sand as application of creative play.

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