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Gestalt Intervention Level 1

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In this Gestalt Intervention Level 1 foundation course the participant is brought into awareness about the self so that, with their own uniqueness and stabilization of a therapeutic relationship, the forms of play as well as gestalt techniques can be integrated. The course includes a PDF study guide, which can be downloaded.


Those belonging to a profession in the humanities like psychologists, social workers, OT, teachers in remedial classes, child counsellors and youth workers are very welcome to apply for the course. The course is suitable for all mental health professionals.


Gestalt Intervention Level 1 course comprises 24 hours of video lessons. There are various exercises which must be done during Level 1 and 1 assignment, which must be emailed to our office.

You are given one month to complete each course and send the evaluation forms to us. After one month per course, you will be disqualified unless you have requested an extension.


After the course there are 4 evaluation forms for Level 1 which must be emailed back to our office. After being marked, and you successfully completed the course, your certificate or certificates will be sent to your closest PostNet.

Course members who are registered with a professional board will receive a certificate indicating the CPD credits earned. These professionals need to successfully complete all lessons, evaluation forms and assignments to receive the certificate.

Practitioners who are not registered with a board also need to complete all the lessons, do the evaluations and assignments. They will receive a certificate with the hours and the indication that they have met the requirements for the course.


Dr Hannie Schoeman, the founder of the Centre for Play Therapy and Training, has been actively involved in play therapy training for the last 30 years. She trained intensively in the USA and Canada, specialising in play therapy. Initially Dr Schoeman trained as play therapist at the Violet Oaklander Institute, Santa Barbara, USA. She also participated in international conferences and workshops in the USA, Sweden, Canada, UK and the South Africa as a participant or trainer.

She networks internationally with gestalt play therapy experts and is a former Director of FAMSA (Pretoria) and a former senior lecturer in Social work and Play Therapy Manager at the University of Pretoria. She lectured at the University of Pretoria, UNISA and North West. She is at present the Director of the Centre for Play Therapy and Training, Gansbaai. Dr Schoeman is a co-author of the book “Entering the child’s World”- A Play Therapy Approach” and presented papers at national and international academic events.

Dr Schoeman is a member of the South African Council of Social Service Professions. She was also the South African representative on the International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy. Dr Hannie Schoeman has been the promoter for 50 MA candidates, 14 doctoral candidates in the field of Play Therapy.

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