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2021 Course dates

Course Dates

2021 Physical courses


Please apply in advance due to number restrictions. If you need to book a flight ticket, please make provision for changes. In booking accommodation make sure your deposit is refundable. Your course fees paid to the Centre for Play Therapy and Training will be refunded in unforeseen circumstances in applying two weeks prior to the starting date. You will also be able to switch to the online courses.

1,2,3,4 JuneCenturionLevel 1
7,8,9,10 JuneCenturionLevel 2
15-20 & 23-27 AugustGansbaai, Overberg,
Western Cape
7,8,9,10 SeptemberStellenboschLevel 1
13,14,15,16 SeptemberStellenboschLevel 2
25, 26, 27,28 OctoberUylenvlei, Gansbaai,
Western Cape
Level 1
29,30 October & 1 NovemberUylenvlei, Gansbaai,
Western Cape
Level 2
1,2,3,4,5 NovemberUylenvlei, Gansbaai,
Western Cape
Sand & Clay

 2021 Online courses

The Physical courses and the online courses are precisely the same, except that there is no group interaction in the online courses. In the online courses members do exactly the same exercises and study video recordings of all the lectures. The level one is divided in 25 videos and the level 2 is divided in 23 videos. After the courses, course members need to do the same assignments and send them in for evaluation. It is not given a mark, but Dr Hannie gives participants feedback on where they can improve or focus on. The online courses also have the value of re-studying the material if something is not clear. The cost of the physical and online courses is the same.

More details about the ONLINE COURSES here.

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