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Couple Counselling

There is an urgent need to accommodate couples in all aspects of marriage. Couple Counselling, as developed by a group of GESTALT THERAPISTS, is very successful in applying the model when it is as one couple to a couple. Those couples in training are equipped with the primary aim to do Couple Counselling in their own communities with individual couples.

COUPLE COUNSELLINGThe course is grounded on a Christian perspective with Field Theory, as theoretical grounding; the Gestalt approach and Paradoxical Theory of Change. The pre-requisites and 12 biases of Gestalt Therapists, Robert and Rita Resnick, are integrated in the training.
Dr Hannie Schoeman, known gestalt- and Marriage Therapist and her husband, Dr Boet Schoeman, offer a residential weekend course in Couple Counselling.

The themes that will be included:

  • Co-operation between the two facilitators
  • Communication in the marriage
  • Conflict management in the marriage
  • Set patterns in the marriage
  • Personality Functioning and personal processes
  • Independent functioning as a couple

Dates: 11 – 13 September 2015.
The duration will be from the Friday afternoon to the Sunday afternoon 1400, after lunch.
Place: Uylenvlei Retreat. Gansbaai.
Price: R3.500 per couple.
Included: course fees, accommodation, meals and tea/coffee.
All participants must be at the Retreat Sleepover on time. Children cannot accompany the parents.
Contact details:
Priscilla: 028 3880348
After hours: 0824241331
Email: playtherapy@worldonline.co.za

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